. Warren Bio

Warren started out in the entertainment business at the age of 13, where he worked one season at the Allenberry Playhouse doing Musical Theatre (AAA summer stock) and got his actors equity papers. He then discovered live music and his life direction changed. After graduating he worked in Philadelphia at Gamble & Huff Studios and learned from them and their genius producer, Tom Bell. While there Warren met the likes of The Spinners, The O’Jays, Patty Labelle, The Intruders, and the late Harold Melvin, whose home was open to Warren when he was working in Philadelphia. After serving in the Marine Corps, Warren worked with The Spinners for three years, then engaged in mixing national acts at the front of house position (FOH). He then moved to the stage as a monitor engineer, stage manager, production manager, and then road management. Over the years, Warren has worked with and became friends with the classic Motown acts, rock groups such as Chicago, Aerosmith, Dolly Parton, Tony Bennett, and international artists like Luis Miguel, Enrique Englacius, and his father, Julio. Warren loved, worked with, and supported the artists he called his friends and family – but after 9/11, he ended his time on the road and returned home to Harrisburg to look after his eighty-five year old mother. Warren has re-connected with his musical friends and the group “Rumor Has It” was born. Warren believes if he can have just one person in the audience go home with a smile on their face, he has done his job and fulfilled his purpose in life.

Warren Castaneira